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China Driver License for Hong Kong Citizens

China Driver License for Hong Kong Citizens
Hong Kong Citizens can legaly drive in China with a Chinese Driver License.

We can help you to get a permanent China Driver License. We provide excellent one-stop-service to get your Chinese Driver Licence done! Save your time! Save your money! There is No driving test, No medical check, No resident certificate required!

The legal Chinese Driver License is issued by Public Security Bureau (Traffic Authority), you can see your driver license records in the traffic police department of any city in mainland China, you can use it to drive in any city around China, you can change the driver license address to any new city in China where you move to,but sometimes it is up to the department rules of the city that you move to.

For the official driver license you can drive either automatic or manual transmition cars below 9 seats. The Chinese driving license is valid for six years, and can be renewed it every six years without any test.


  • 1 copy of both sides of Hong Kong ID
  • 1 Copy of your entry permits(The Visiting home card)
  • 1 Copy of both Sides of Hongkong Driver License (front & back page)
  • 8 one inch color Pictures with white background,ears must be shown
  • Your chinese name
  • Your height(CM)
  • Fees

  • The total fee - Please contact us.
  • The deposit is 1500 RMB in advance
  • The rest of the money will be collected after the license is ready
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